JJWM Installation

Below you will find three video tutorials. These videos should help you through the initial process of installation of your Junior Jiffy World Maker.

What is XAMPP? And, why do I need it?

XAMPP is a program provided by apachefriends.org that will allow you to run a server -- right on your computer. The editor for Junior Jiffy World Maker requires a server environment to function. So, the XAMPP is the easiest way to accomplish this.

Do I need to worry about security?

No, not really. The security tips provided here are just a few little extra things you can do that will help.

Do you really need them? Probably not. But, they are easy to do, and they will provide extra protection. So, we advise that you do them.

What do I do if I have questions?

Contact us. You can use the contact form. And.....

We also suggest that you drop by GorebaggTV on justin.tv. Often you can find fellow JJWM members in the chat.

XAMPP Installation

This video walks one through the process of installing XAMPP.

XAMPP Security Settings

This video gives a few security settings that will help Junior Jiffy World Maker members configure their apache server for a more secure game development environment.

JJWM Level 1 Installation

The Level 1 HTML5 world maker comes in a zip file. This video will give you some instructions on how to install the folder into the right place.

If you know how to work with zip files, then just make sure you put the noname folder in the c:\xampp\htdocs folder and all will be well.