The GODD Engine

Not only is the Godd Engine the only engine of its type, it can literally do anything any other engine can do, but with one distinction -- you can create a POC (Proof of Concept) game totally alone, with no team to bog you down or cost you megabucks or political swindle.

In addition, the godd. engine is backed up by over one thousand -- that's right, 1,000 -- video tutorials so that every step along the way, every gimmick, every effect, every graphic and rendering advantage, every speed and maneuverability issue is dealt with one item at a time, to make your search missions easier.

Students are typically capable of creating very complex entire game systems within a year of using the godd. game/machinima engine.

For more information about this incredible game creation system designed for indies and students of game development, use our contact form on the contact page on this website. you'll note the obvious absence of a hot link here. if you can't find the button, or aren't motivated enough to click on the button at the top of the screen to go to the contact page, you probably will not do well with a full-response game dev system.