HTML5 Games

The games posted here have been created by faculty and students using the Junior Jiffy World Maker.

Each class level is posted in its own folder.

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Lava World

Our first offering is Lava World. Granted our new games have come a long way from this initial exploration of the engine. However, there are some fun things in the game and a few very nice accidents of development. Little bits of behavior in the game that capture special learning opportunities. So we have restrained our inclination to upgrade Lava World with the new shadow system and the new behaviour AI. Lava World is a fun little game in its own right and will stand on its own fairly well -- even against our newest games.

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Angry Bats

Yay! Our second game has been posted. Angry Bats. As you will quickly see the graphics have been refined quite nicely. The game play is a side scroller -- left, right and up, down.

The levels do get quite hard toward the end (20 levels in all).

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Cosmo Street

Cosmo Street is an inductive walk-through. The spaces referenced here will tingle deep memories of between lives states.

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Ghost Hunter

Just a fun romp through a Haunted Hotel with a GhostBlaster, fun for lunchtime or that special break! GoreBagg's spooky scary levels will thrill and chill you!!!

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Mummy's Tomb

Treasures beyond belief await the Raider who penetrates the secrets of The Mummy's Tomb.

Designed by Legendary Gamer Gorebagg da Lost, The Mummy's Tomb offers fun, yet challenging, levels for any gamer.

Definitely a game for noob and pro alike, The Mummy's Tomb gentlely builds skills of movement, intuition, along with a strong ability to map and dig out hidden tunnels and doorways.

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Weapon Shops abound in the Shire since the Vikings, Berserkers, Norse, Half-Danes and other Invader Forces Attacked, pillaged and burned villages and hamlets in every Shire along the Shores and nearby inland areas of Umberland, Umbria, and other Northern Provinces ...

Margot the Medium's Tarot and Phrenology Shoppe in the Shire's Alchemist's Row is a good source of information and Magickal Items. You might even get a Tarot Reading there!!!

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spacebuddhaa's spacewalk

A pleasant walk through space with the amazing music of EJ Gold and The Dosts: "Exekiel Saw The Wheel".

This is 100% free of monsters and the need for shooting.

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Alice's Adventure

This game is drop-dead gorgeous. Made in one of the early versions of the goddjs engine, this game demonstrates quite clearly what can be achieved by an artist's touch.

Just enough gaming mechanisms have been added to spice up the journey. But the true amazement is embodied in the use of simple textures and shadows to achieve near 3d quality.

Something you may want to consider is: the so-called real 3D world is actually a projection of light on the flat surface of your retina.

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Brane Waves

What does bats, spikes, and falling debris all have in common? Well, they are just three of the obstacles keeping you from completing your journey through Brane Waves.

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Castle Drake

Bats, castle grunts, lava & slime -- sounds like the perfect company for a casual stroll through the shadowy corridors of Castle Drake.

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